Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Warringtonisation of the Police and Crime Commissioner

I've learnt a new word - 'Warringtonisation.'

The term was coined at the latest Cheshire Police and Crime Panel held on 12 July.

The panel held a confirmation hearing for the PCC's new Chief of Staff Mr Peter Astley.

Mr Astley was a former Warrington BC employee - and someone who had worked closely with Cllr Keane before too.  Now those who have been following the PCC's actions may have realised that this sounds very similar to what happened when a Deputy PCC was appointed too.  The resonance with the PCC's move to Stockton Heath may also be in mind.

If you'd like to see an extract from the confirmation hearing click here.

The panel - made up of Conservative, Labour and independent members unanimously resolved not to recommend Mr Astley's appointment.

The letter written to the PCC is here:

The PCC did not accepted the advice from the panel.  His response was:

The turn of events was sufficiently unusual for the BBC to report on what happened.  If you click here you can link directly to the BBC news item.