Sunday, 2 July 2017

Downhill Run and Festival in the Park

We've had a wonderful day in Frodsham.  The Downhill Run and Festival in the Park.  The weather has been kind to us - sunny, but not too hot.  The Downhill Run is one of those wonderful events that brings us all together.  Everyone from serious runners, to families with youngsters and those who just want to walk down the hill can take part.

We all should say a huge thank you to the Community Centre and the many, many volunteers who help and make the day a really special for us.   It is also wonderful to have so many people lining the route cheering and clapping us on.

The leader at the Ring O'Bells

My daughter Sarah has taken more than 300 photographs of the runners.  She was outside St Lawrence's church.

If anyone would like any of the photos please drop me an email to: ( and let me know the numbers of the runners you are interested in.

Here are some of the 300 photographs!  There are loads more.

It would also help me identify the runners if you give me some description of who I'm looking for - such as:

Runner 144 - 6'2" 53 year old man blue shorts with pale legs - that's me by the way leading young Cllr Liam Jones home!  He never did catch me down Howey Lane!  I've no idea what time I finished in - but my watch tells me my average pace was 4 mins 45 per km.  

I'm really pleased with that.  I'm not a great runner - walking fast is more my game!

I'll readily give the photos to anyone who wants them.  All I ask is that you use them privately.  I'm sure Sarah will want to assert her copyright if anyone wants to use the images commercially!