Thursday, 2 March 2017

Labour's rudderless imagination free budget

Labour controlled CWaC voted by a narrow majority of 3 to pass a budget that imposes a near 4% rise in council tax - having rejected a Conservative amendment that would have frozen the general council tax yet boost the social care precept by 3%.

The Conservatives wanted to see more money in Adult Social care - but this was rejected by Labour.

In the more than 300 pages of agenda papers 'Frodsham' was mentioned 20 times - but largely in the context of paying the council tax or answering questions that Cllr Riley and I had tabled previously.

There are no budget plans for a Frodsham or Helsby Leisure Centre.  There are no budget plans for increased station car park capacity in Frodsham or Helsby ahead of the Halton Curve opening in 2018.

The budget papers claim that the council is looking for growth - yet of the 22,000 additional houses planned for the Borough between 2010-30 there are only 1600 to find - the rest have either been built or have planning permission.  The opportunity to go for growth is there but isn't being taken.

Since Labour took control 2 years ago Frodsham's total council tax has risen by 9% - and decisions by CWaC Labour are largely responsible.