Saturday, 4 February 2017

Northern Powerhouse ...

I had the chance to speak with Rt Hon George Osborne MP this morning at the Cheshire and Wirral Conservative Conference.  George gave a speech explaining the thinking behind the Northern Powerhouse.

Cllr Pat Holder (Helsby Parish Council) and I raised with George Osborne the problems of car parking at Frodsham and Helsby stations which will only get worse on the opening of the Halton Curve - unless parking provision is greatly expanded.  George has promised to raise this issue at the highest level with Government.  This was a detail that he hadn't considered previously.

I also raised with the former chancellor the question of the Mersey Gateway tolls.  Regular commuters who use the crossing but who live outside Halton will face paying around £1,000 per year in tolls.  Whilst people are used to paying tolls in certain parts of the country - such as the Mersey Tunnel tolls - those of us in northern Cheshire have not have to factor this in to our family budgets.  George stated that he had wanted Cheshire West residents to be exempted and that we should keep pressing the issue.

Don't worry - we will!