Saturday, 4 February 2017

Air Quality checks

We had a meeting of the Protos Air Quality Forum on Wednesday this week.  This was the first meeting of the forum which had air quality data from the new monitoring station at the former Serviceman's Club site it Helsby.

Lynn and I had lobbied Peel hard to ensure we had comprehensive air monitoring in and around the estuary ahead of any development at the Protos site.  This is what led us to having a comprehensive monitoring station installed at Manor House Primary School in Frodsham.

The data from this monitoring station reported as follows on a yearly average basis.

PM 10s - 16 micro grams - against a 40 micro gram limit
PM 2.5s  13 micro grams - against a 25 micro gram limit.

PM 10s and PM 2.5s are small particulates which can cause lung inflammation and other health problems.

The monitoring of these particulates is also done on a daily basis.  The current standards allow a daily average of up to 50 micro grams and for this limit to be breached up to 35 times a year.  At this monitoring station this standard was breached only once.

This monitoring indicates that our air quality standards are satisfactory at the moment ahead of the incinerators being built.  Our wider monitoring shows that our air quality is affected by traffic pollution far more than industry.