Thursday, 6 October 2016

How many PCSOs do we have in Frodsham?

So how many PCSOs do we have in Frodsham?  A simple question you may think.

I believe the answer is 1.

Now I've understood that we have had 1 PCSO in Frodsham for as long as there have been PCSOs. So given this I was somewhat shocked to discover that CWaC had data suggesting that Frodsham shared another PCSO with other rural communities - and, worse they wanted to charge Frodsham council tax payers extra council tax to pay for this seemingly additional resource.

I was not happy.

I started to ask questions.  I spoke with our local police and our PCSO.   They confirmed that whilst, understandably, there was some mutual support with colleagues looking after other communities there is one PCSO for Frodsham.

I asked CWaC to show me why they thought we had an additional share of a PCSO.  I went so far as to ask our Police and Crime Commissioner.  Now I'm going to blog separately about my interchanges with the Police and Crime Commissioner as they are a whole new story in themselves.  Interestingly he was unable to tell me how many PCSOs we have in Frodsham.

Any way the good news is - at  a meeting with CWaC yesterday I was pleased to see that CWaC now accept that Frodsham has one PCSO only - and he is part funded by the Town Council and as such they will not be seeking to levy an additional charge on Frodsham council tax payers.