Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Frodsham's household waste recycling centre

Frodsham's household waste recycling centre is under review.

CWaC is currently consulting on proposals to reduce the number of days it is open to 5.  Do you support this?  If you do which 5 days?  It is a given, apparently that it will be open at the weekends.  This consultation finishes on 10 June.  Make sure you have your say.  CWaC are delivering leaflets about this to every household.  I've had mine - but Lynn hasn't had hers yet.  If you haven't received a leaflet please let me know.

CWaC are also considering with the operators whether the present site could be improved.  Lynn and I have made the point that before we consider further investment at the current site we ought to deal with the car parking issues in Frodsham - and in particular do we have sufficient car parking capacity on stream to deal with the opening of the Halton Curve in a couple of year's time?  The current site's location at the Station Car Park may become more of an issue if we need that land for car parking.

The household waste recycling centre only has the benefit of temporary planning permission.  This temporary permission has been renewed every 4-5 years.  This state of affairs has continued now for over 20 years.  Last night at the Local Development Plan Working Group I asked for a site to be allocated for the household waste recycling centre in the emerging local plan.  This is a once in a generation document - and is the opportunity to regularise this state of affairs - either to fix the home of the centre in the Station car park or to find somewhere else.

I've suggested to the officers that they should explore all possibilities - but in particular have a look along Mill Lane to see if a site could be found there.