Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bike Marking and Operation Shield

Huge thanks to Neil and Phil our local PCSOs for spending Saturday tagging and marking bikes to make them less desirable to thieves.  Neil and Phil set up shop at Helsby High School...

... and were soon tagging all manner of bikes - from the high value, high end machines through to the more 'sit-up-and-beg' machines like mine!

We've had a spate of bicycle burglaries in the Frodsham and Helsby area recently - so this initiative is part of the police response.  

The police were also handing out Operation Shield property marking DNA kits.

Lynn and I have supported Operation Shield and Bicycle marking schemes out of our members' grants this year.  Whether we'll be able to do so again is very much in doubt as Labour led CWaC has halved the money available.  And if that is not bad enough the remaining half will be subject to the priorities set by a District Committee.  Needless bureaucracy, in my view and almost certainly indicative of Labour Councillors struggling to use their grant monies effectively.