Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cheshire Ploughing Competition - Lynn waxes lyrical!

The sun and the crowds came out to welcome the Cheshire Ploughing match to the Wharburton’s Hatley Farm in Frodsham. There was an interesting array of talent on display as farmers young and old, competed in ploughing and hedge laying. Above all it was a wonderful opportunity for people to meet old friends and new, set against the glorious backdrop of Frodsham and Helsby hill.





My lasting impression of the day is how much and how little has really changed in agriculture. It all comes down to an amazing group of people who choose a job that is 24/7 and really a way of life. The skill set that farmers need to draw on is as broad as it is long and they need to be experts in biology, physics, engineering, chemistry, accountancy, regulations, numeracy, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry and be a black-belt in bureaucracy and red tape. Thank you Cheshire farmers who add so much to our local economy, feed a nation  and are the effective custodians of our rural landscapes.