Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The St Luke's School Run and its impact on local residents

We had a packed meeting at the community centre tonight discussing the impact of the St Luke's school run and the school traffic more generally on the residential roads on both sides of the school.  We had residents from Withy Close, Whitehall Place, London Road and the Willows joining the headteacher, parents and governors from the school along with Neil, our PCSO and CWaC officers looking for solutions.

I was really anxious to ensure that the meeting was conducted in a good spirit with mutual respect - and I have to say I think that was achieved.  People did express their views, and sometimes they were expressed in strong terms, however they always stayed the right side of the line.

There was a strong mutual commitment to look for solutions - and I was really pleased that there was a consensus for CWaC's officers, the school and the police to be able to spend the summer looking for  solutions to present back to a public meeting in September.

After the public meeting Lynn and I had a separate discussion with the Community Centre's management.  The Community Centre itself may be part of a solution - if we can secure agreement from the school, the parents, FTC, CWaC, the police and importantly the community centre itself for some of the St Luke's parents to use the Community Centre car park and the footpath to the school that crosses the fields as their route to school.

Fingers crossed that the spirit of co-operation, mutual respect and collaboration allows us to find a mutually acceptable solution after the summer holidays.
Tonight's packed meeting at the Community Centre