Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Marsh Lane parking

We had  a productive community meeting tonight for residents of Marsh Lane, Maori Drive and the Park Homes to discuss how we can improve the safety of Marsh Lane for all and improve the sight lines and access arrangements for those living in the Park Homes.

Opposite the entrance to the Park Homes Marsh Lane curves.   Many people park their vehicles opposite the entrance/exits to the park homes.  This makes the road effectively a single carriageway road and makes it difficult for residents, especially those with larger vehicles or those towing to turn on to Marsh Lane.  Even more of an issue is the limited view you have when driving onto Marsh Lane.

As in all of these sorts of issues you need to balance everyone's reasonable interests.  We live on a crowded island and we all need to share - as nicely as possible.  I have to say this meeting was one of the best community meetings we have had.  Everyone listened to the points of view - and there appeared to be a mutual commitment to find a solution that will work for everyone.

We talked about improving visibility splays, cutting hedges back, introducing short, limited stretches of parking restrictions and the potential to introduce a 20mph speed limit.

There was lots of drawing on plans and note writing.  We were fortunate to have 2 CWaC officers in attendance who will be writing it all up - with a view to producing a consensus scheme.

We'll be reporting back to everyone in the area as soon as we can.