Friday, 3 July 2015

Marsh Lane parking - an update on the ideas

Following on from our meeting last Wednesday - here is a schematic summarising people's thoughts.

Everyone is welcome to make more suggestions.

The next stage is for CWaC highway officers to review these suggestions and we'll see what emerges.

Just a comment on what is readily achievable and what would be a harder ask ... whilst we wait for the advice of the highway officers:

  • 'painting lines' and signage is something which CWaC can produce.  In terms of finding the money - that could be done and Lynn and I have promised to fund a Traffic Regulation Order if that is what is required (i.e. the legal process of changing the rules of the road - such as is required to add double yellow lines);
  • more costly aspects such as suggested traffic calming measures or road works on highway land may not be so readily do-able in the sense that scarce public money would have to be found;
  • and then works on private land - such as improving visibility splays - would require the land owner's consent and almost certainly his money too.
I'll publish the highway officer's advice when I get it!