Saturday, 4 July 2015

Halton Curve - Parliamentary Train

We had the annual 'trip around the bend' this morning - around the Halton Curve from Frodsham to Liverpool South Parkway Station.

The train wasn't as packed as it has been in previous years largely because, I'm sure, we have had the Government announcement that funding for upgrading the curve to two-way operation has been secured - with a view to the curve being open to through trains - both ways - from summer 2017.

Graham Evans MP, Lynn and I had a discussions with NCRUG's Cedric Green and Janet Briggs focussing on the recent Government announcement over the 'pausing' of certain rail projects and car parking.

The same day that Sec of State Patrick McLoughlin made the announcement that certain rail projects were being paused Graham Evans MP was in the Transport Department asking whether the Halton Curve had been affected.  All the news we have had so far indicates that the Halton Curve project is unaffected.

All of us locally are committed to seeing car parking facilities improved from Chester through to Frodsham.  I was interested hearing from Cedric just how much car parking is available at Ellesmere Port that is currently under used.  He is anxious to see rail services improved from Ellesmere Port though Ince and Elton to Helsby - not only to improve rail services - but also to see this large car park brought into use.

Cllr Lynn Riley with NCRUG's Janet Briggs waiting for the train

ticket to ride

At 8:07am the Parliamentary train arrived at Frodsham Station - it didn't exist on the timetable or station announcements

NCRUG's Cedric Green talking to Graham Evans MP

Crossing the Weaver Navigation

Crossing the M56
Graham Evans MP 'riding the curve'

Arriving at Liverpool South Parkway

Can you spot where the trains to Frodsham and stations beyond would go ?