Sunday, 5 July 2015

Downhill Run & Festival in the Park

Its been a full-on day in Frodsham - we've had the Downhill run, Rotary's festival in the park and the Liverpool - Chester cycle ride pounding through the town.  The weather gave us a full performance too -  glorious sunshine, thunder and lightening and torrential rain!

As a community we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the volunteers who spend weeks and months planning and putting on these events.  It is their hard work that allows us a community to come together and have fun!

I know there are some people who take the downhill run very seriously but most of us do it for fun.  I think it is really wonderful to see so many families running together.  Secretly I'm pleased so many youngsters do run - as it gives me more of chance to finish higher up the field than I really deserve.  This year I was 113th!

The 250 or so of us doing the downhill run were very fortunate with the weather today - we had the sunshine!  We even had the weather celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event in its present format.

I have to say a huge thank you to the Community Centre, Forest Hills, Roundtable, Scouts Rotary and the army of volunteers who made today possible.  I also have to say a personal thank-you to my daughter Sarah who stood at St Laurence church and took 260 or so photographs of the runners.   She's captured most people- so if anyone wants an action shot of the race drop me an email to and I'll share access to the photographs with you.

The leader at the Ringers

accelerating round the bend!
It is a wonderful family event

Dilys has run in every downhill run... a legend