Monday, 11 May 2015

Labour take control of CWaC

In the local government elections that took place on the same day as the General Election Labour took control of CWaC.

The new council comprises:

38 Labour Councillors;
36 Conservative Councillors; and
01 Independent.

Labour therefore has a majority of 1.

One of the interesting quirks of this election is that Labour took the majority of the council seats but didn't take the majority of the votes:

PartySeats Votes% Share
Liberal Democrats023,887

The turnout for these elections varied from 55.7% in Ellesmere Port to 78% in Chester Villages.  In Frodsham our turnout figure was 71.4%

We all face a difficult 4 years now.  With the numbers being so tight everyone will be expected to attend every meeting.  There will be little opportunity for holidays, business meetings or illnesses.  It will be interesting to see whether control shifts again before the next round of 'all out' elections in 2019.  A couple of by-elections is all it would take.