Sunday, 12 April 2015

The new warding arrangements in Frodsham

This map shows the boundary for Frodsham parish which came into effect on 1 April 2015 and the new warding arrangements for Frodsham Town Council for the 7 May 2015 elections.

The CWaC ward of Frodsham remains unchanged on the old Town boundaries - although it is likely to be changed to co-incide with the expanded Town Boundaries before the 2019 council elections!

The hatched areas on the map show where Frodsham has expanded.  There are really only two changes.  First the eastern boundary is now the Weaver Navigation as opposed to the River Weaver.  This change is shown in two pieces simply because the blue hatched area is being added to the northern ward (Frodsham Waterside) and the green hatched portion is being added to the eastern ward (Frodsham Lakes).  Secondly Kingsley Green and Lady Hayes have also moved into Frodsham.

As before Frodsham Town is divided into 4 wards for the town council elections and the
However unlike the previous arrangements this time all 4 wards have 4 members.  It is this change, and the need to ensure electoral parity between the wards that has given rise to these changes.  All 4 wards are within 10% of each other in terms of size - so each voter's vote effectively counts the same.

The ward boundaries are shown by the gold lines.  The wards have also been renamed - and are now no longer simply 'compass points.'

The boundaries, in the main go down the middle of major roads or follow clearly defined physical features such as the railway line.

Frodsham Waterside - the northern ward - is by far the largest in land area because it takes in all of Frodsham marshes.  The boundary with Frodsham Lakes ward is the centre-line of the A56 from the swing bridge to the junction of Fluin Lane.  Frodsham Waterside's boundary with Castle Park ward is the A56 from Fluin Lane to Greenfield Lane.  Then it is Greenfield Lane and then the Chester - Manchester Railway line.

Castle Park ward - incorporates all of the old West ward - and more besides.  Under the old arrangements this ward only elected 3 councillors so, in round terms, its population has expanded by around 25%.

Castle Park ward takes in everything on the western side of Frodsham between the railway and the A56.  One of the few 'kinks' in this ward boundary is to take in the park homes on the south side of the A56 near our boundary with Helsby.  This ward also encompasses virtually everything in the town centre.  The eastern most extent of Castle Park ward is Fluin Lane - where the boundary runs up the centre line before it follows the centre line of Lime Avenue.  That boundary line then runs onto and then up Red Lane to the junction with Church Road-Howey Lane.  Most of the Howey Lane properties lie in Overton and Five Crosses ward - although there are a few in Castle Park ward.  Netherton Drive is in Castle Park ward too.  The A56 becomes the boundary again at the Netherton.

The Frodsham Lakes ward is perhaps the easiest to describe.  Its boundaries are, in essence the centre lines of Bridge Lane, Fluin Lane (albeit with a dog-leg taking in the top triangle from Lime Avenue) and Bradley Lane.

Overton & Five Crosses ward takes in all the rest! Everything south of the A56 from our boundary with Helsby.  Everything south of Howey Lane and Bradley Lane.

For electoral purposes CWaC recognises Frodsham's four wards under the following codes:

Frodsham Lakes ward - MB1
Frodsham Waterside - MB2
Castle Park Ward - MB3
Overton & Five Crosses - MB4

If you want to check which ward you are in - consult the electoral roll.  Locally both the library and Frodsham Town Council should hold the current electoral rolls or be able to access them.