Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Vote for your favourite - Community Grant Giving

The latest round of our CWaC Members' Community Grants is now live.  

You have until 9 February to decide which groups will have a share of the £4,000 grant pot.  
Please click on the link:

and then the applicants link at the bottom of that page to see the projects and their presentations.

I've viewed all of the presentations and several of them made me smile!  It is great to see the enthusiasm and the creativity.

When you click through you'll find the following:

1. Frodsham Sings

Frodsham Sings are asking for £950 for the purchasing of music and equipment. 

2. Helsby High School

Helsby High School are asking for £80 for a business start up.

3. Nordic Walking Group

Nordic Walking Group are asking for £500 to start up a Fitness for the Family initiative.

4. Frodsham Bike Project

Frodsham Bike Project are asking for £500 for a 'Protecting Your Bicycle event'.


NWAFA are asking for £1000 to enable a Frodsham Community Festival event to take place in 2015.

6. Frodsham Transition Initiative

Frodsham Transition Initiative are asking for £750 for tree planting and other FTI projects.

7. Frodsham and District Flower Club

Frodsham and District Flower Club are asking for £500 for Frodsham Memories and Flowers Forward Project.

8. Yurei

Yurei are asking for £200 for Frodsham Monthly Vintage and Handmade Market.

9. Frodsham Library

Frodsham Library are asking for £500 to start a new Frodsham Library Family Club initiative

The great thing about community grant giving in Frodsham, as always, is that it is the community itself that decides who gets the money.  The last event attracted more than 1,500 voters - lets see if we can beat that total this time.

A big thank you to Life through the Lens and Frodsham Town Council for their support for this event too.