Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Peel's Solar Farm proposal for Hapsford

I've just called into Dunham-on-the-Hill's Village Hall for a drop in first stage consultation for Peel's proposal to build a solar-farm at Hapsford.

The plan is to construct the solar panel 'farm' on 4 fields next to the M56 and the A5117 near Junction 14.  They will lie to the west of the A5117 and are set to cover 13.2ha of land.

The plans as described suggest that development will be screened - and difficult to see in the landscape as none of the panels would be more than 2.25m high and the existing hedgerows and trees would be retained.

Peel also say that the land is not the best quality agricultural land.

Peel intend to submit a planning application to CWaC later this year.

Here is a quick photo of the location map.