Friday, 13 February 2015

Frodsham and Ince Marshes

Plans are well advanced for the local landowners to take over responsibility for the drainage of Frodsham and Ince Marshes from the Environment Agency later this year.  Heads of Terms between the landowners, Environment Agency ('EA') CWaC and other stakeholders have been agreed.  Lawyers are being instructed to produce the formal legal documentation.

The EA have ordered the new 'Eel compliant' pumps with a view to them being commissioned by September 2015.  The Frodsham pumping station will be taken over by Peel, the Ince pumping station will be acquired by a consortium of Peel, Grow How and Quinn Glass.  The landowners have the responsibility to keep the drains, culverts, cuts and ditches on their land free-flowing.

The landowners will co-ordinate their activities through a partnership board.

I have to note both my thanks and congratulations to everyone involved and especially the landowners - who through their work in cleansing the cuts and ditches have the marshes well-drained at the moment.  Clearly all of us have an interest in ensuring that Frodsham and Helsby are well drained.

Frodsham Town Council will have a seat at the partners table both as a landowner and as a community stakeholder.