Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thanks to everyone who has been out gritting

Tonight is slightly warmer than it has been recently. The CWaC gritting crews can have a lie in - they won't be needed tonight! I'm sure on a personal level they will be delighted - as they have been out gritting all our main roads twice per day for most of the last week. I think they've been doing a superb job. 

Whilst in the village earlier this afternoon I was thanked for having had the shopping area pavements gritted. I pointed out that whilst I'd put the arrangements in place the thanks was due to our volunteers who are gritting the pavements and side streets for us.  A big thank you is due to the crew at the leisure centre who have been taking a gritter for a walk around the town centre.

If anyone wants to help grit Frodsham FTC will give you free grit.  We've hand propelled gritters anyone can use at Overton Stores, Churchfields, Top Shop on Langdale Way and at the Leisure Centre.  All of our Primary Schools have them too - so come term time all the approaches to the schools can be gritted if the school community organises it.

If you want grit to spread on your side road or pavements just call the Town Council on 01928 735150.

Incidentally I've asked CWaC to refill all our grit bins.

Happy New Year.