Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Road Works in and around Frodsham

As most of us will have spotted we have had and are going to have road works around Frodsham for most of November.

Lynn and I have done our best to minimise any disruption as we have impressed on officers at CWaC that planned highways works in and around Frodsham should not take place during rush hours, and ideally they should only take place over night or in the evening.

So for 4 days of this week around the Swing-bridge on the A56 and Clifton Road we will have road resurfacing works.  They will take place overnight between 7pm and 7am.  There will be single lane, traffic light controlled working, and there will also be a workman on hand to control the traffic lights manually.

And then, starting on the 10 November we will have road works on the A56 between Castle Park and the Netherton.  These works will encompass both resurfacing and the introduction of a crossing. They have been scheduled to be done outside peak hours.

Fingers crossed.