Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Update United Utilities Road Works on A56 by Gates Garage

Update: officers from CWaC, UU and Amey (contractors) set to attend road works tomorrow morning... My FTC Colleague Cllr Caroline Ashton has also been on the case!

This the text of an email I have written to CWaC's senior highway officials regarding the disruption on the A56:

Dear all

Those of you in the Frodsham area or affected by those driving from Frodsham will know that the UU works on the A56 by Gates Garage are causing mayhem.  Informally I have been told that these works will last 10 days.  The locals find this unacceptable - especially as the contractors are not working long days or 24/7. Delays of over an hour in getting into Frodsham from J12 are reported, as well as traffic diverting via J14 on the M56.  This is unreasonable and unacceptable.

First, could you please convey to UU the residents of Frodsham intense dissatisfaction with UU's management of these road works.  Second could you please encourage UU to carry out their works more swiftly and in a way to minimise disruption.  Thirdly could you please provide me with a report indicating what CWaC's involvement with these road works has been and what steps CWaC has taken to minimise what is and what is perceived to be unacceptable disruption to daily life.


I intend to take this further tomorrow.