Friday, 24 October 2014

Speed limit reductions

New 50mph limit at the Netherton heading towards Helsby
I do hope you've all been noticing the changed speed limits along some of our main roads - such as along the A56 between Frodsham and Helsby, along Tarvin Road, and Commonside.

Following local consultations and lobbying where residents expressed clear views that they wanted the speed limits reducing Cllr Lynn Riley and I in Frodsham, along with Cllr Eleanor Johnson in Gowy Ward have contributed to the costs of the legal orders and the changed signage out of our members grants.

From a personal perspective I'm always anxious to make sure any changed speed limit strikes the right balance between road safety for all road users and allowing motorists to make sensible safe progress on their journeys.  I'll readily support a reduced speed limit down from say a de-restricted limit where travelling at 60mph on that road would be too fast to a limit that makes sense for the road conditions.

This afternoon I was asked to perform in the 'usual' photo shoots.  I'm not looking for sympathy but posing next to a road sign isn't an everyday activity for me!  And I ended up doing 3 photoshoots - one with Cllr Johnson and her Alvanley colleagues and two in Frodsham.  One near the Ridgeway and the other on the A56 near the Netherton.
On Tarvin Road by the Ridgeway heading towards Frodsham
At the Netherton heading into Frodsham

Now we had hoped that we would have been able to have consistent re-signing along Tarvin Road and up to Frodsham Road at Alvanley - however we weren't able to persuade Cllr Ford from Helsby.  So when you drive along that road and you come across a short de-restricted stretch you'll know you've crossed the border into Helsby and out again!

On the border with Helsby - please drive safely