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Frodsham Foundation

What follows here are the reports and accounts presented at the Frodsham Foundation AGM in March this year.  All this data and information has been public since March 2014.  I publish it again here as a reminder.

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Frodsham Foundation
Executive Director Report March 2014
Frodsham Foundation’s main community capacity building activities for the year ending 30 September 2013 were as follows:
Cost (disbursements and time)
Neets, jobs, worklessness
Goods Shed
Sports, leisure, recreation and smaller events
Bee Festival
Christmas 2012 and 2013
BIG Wedding Events
Business/community contact
Unpaid time for KD (exceeding capped daily hours and managing/attending events inc Bee Festival and Christmas Festival etc).

In the year 2012/2013 Frodsham Foundation created three distinct websites (general/archive, weddings and events/Cheshire Hive/Christmas), three Facebook accounts (general news, Christmas and Weddings) and two Twitter feeds (general and weddings).  The Foundation also developed the popular enewsletters promoting local events, jobs, news and achievements.  The Foundation also published hard copy flyers and posters for each event, banners, a special edition newspaper, a Wedding Guide and a Guide to Christmas.
The social media weekly reach regularly exceeds 20,000 and has continued to grow, peaking at 40,000 more recently, whilst the enewsletters are received by around 2,000 recipients.  The enewsletters contain more local jobs than Job Centre Plus.  Social media has been particularly effective at progressing Frodsham Foundation’s objective of community capacity building by enabling local residents to share news and views and comment on current issues.
The total cost of communications for the year to the end of September 2013 was £10,129.96 inclusive of domain names, subscriptions fees, hosting, graphics and time.
Communications continues to be a focus in the current year.
Following incorporation, Frodsham Foundation spent considerable resources researching the requirements and issues facing Frodsham’s community.  The results of the research and consultations were used in providing a detailed and evidenced response to CWaC’s Local Development Plan. 
The cost associated with responding to the LDF and the specific research it entailed totaled £1,352.11.
NEETS, Jobs and worklessness
Frodsham Foundation worked and is continuing to work with a number of individuals and third parties in relation to local jobs and the increasing number of NEETS which has risen from 8 to 53.  Much of the work falls within the response to the LDF and communications but the time associated predominately with identifying and publicising local jobs, NEET requirements and barriers to employment cost Frodsham Foundation £3,120.24 for the year ending 30 September 2013.
Enterprise and employment are two areas of focus in the current year.
Goods Shed
Frodsham Foundation started exploring potential community uses for the Goods Shed in September 2012 and has continued to work with Frodsham’s businesses and community groups to identify future potential uses that would benefit the wider Frodsham community. 
For the year ending 30 September 2013, the total cost of the Goods Shed project was £2,301.81 which includes time and the costs associated with the open day and time preparing grant applications.
The Goods Shed continues to be a focus in the current year.
Sports, leisure, recreation and smaller events
In addition to the main events of the Bee Festival, BIG Wedding Events and Christmas Festival, Frodsham Foundation was also heavily involved in or solely ran Halloween, Youth Event, SEEN and the Football Festival.  In addition to the events, Frodsham Foundation met with representatives of surrounding parishes (residents and Councils) to explore the local sports, leisure and recreational requirements and the possibility of a combined A56 sports facility.
The cost of this element of work was £2,466.6 which involved publicity costs for the events.
Bee Festival
The Bee Festival provided a community focused event, promoting Frodsham’s beekeeping heritage.  The two day event included national speakers, a vintage helter skelter, local food and drink producers, local live music, local community groups, trade stalls, football tournament and It’s a Knockout.
Despite the poor weather, attendance was good and the feedback from the community was excellent.  The event also benefitted local businesses, with Devonshire Bakery stating that the Saturday was their second busiest retail day of the year.  
The total cost of the Bee Festival was £9,929.93 which included marquee hire, stage, sound/pa, security, first aid, It’s a Knockout equipment, park and ride charges, road signage, additional charges relating to the use of Castle Park and time.
Frodsham Foundation does not have the resources to organise a second Bee Festival but has joined together with NWAFA to create the SummerFestival which will take place on 12 and 13 July 2014.  The SummerFestival will raise money to improve local sports facilities.
Frodsham Foundation was involved in Christmas 2012 and went on to manage the 2013 celebrations.  In 2013 Frodsham Foundation organised the Festival Market, the parade, entertainment, insurance, risk assessments, marshaling and publicity, ensuring that it was the most well attended event, as well as raising the profile of Frodsham nationally as a result of the social media coverage.  The event also supported local businesses, community groups and new enterprises with new start ups being offered preferential rates on the Festival Market.
The cost associated with Christmas 2012 was £1,488.88 and related to publicity and risk assessments and the Treasure Hunt.  The cost of Christmas 2013 was £9,752.93 and included time, risk assessments, fees, insurance, generators, lighting and publicity liabilities which were incurred prior to the financial year end. 
Frodsham Foundation does not have the resources to manage the Christmas 2014 celebrations.  The Foundation has suggested to FTC that they allocate a budget of £10,000 for 2014 and believe this has been done.  The Foundation has also requested £1,000 to produce a wrap up report with suggestions of how to minimise the cost of running the festival.

BIG Wedding Events
Frodsham Foundation developed the BIG Wedding Event model to promote Frodsham as a Wedding Town and to encourage collaboration between businesses.  The events in March and September 2013 involved over 30 businesses (both home and high street based) who benefitted from centralised publicity, social media coverage, a designated wedding website and printed wedding guide.  The Foundation ran the two events in 2013 and the businesses ran the 2014 event, drawing on the model created by the Foundation.   The 2014 event also utilised the website and artwork the Foundation produced.
Crowthers Cake Studio and Gift Shop on the Corner reported that the BIG Wedding Event generated their busiest retail day of the year.
The total cost of the BIG Wedding Events for the year ending 30 September 2013 was £4,292.06 which includes publicity, marketing, graphics, photography, video, printed guide, publicity balloons, goody bags and time, including sub contractors.
General business and community contact
Identifying Frodsham’s resources and requirements and developing local networks was an essential, but costly, part of establishing Frodsham Foundation.  Frodsham Foundation identified 1200 local businesses, of which only 28% create employment opportunities and 200 community groups.  Face to face liaison is time consuming but has been essential in establishing requirements and developing relationships. 
A diverse range of issues have been identified from the business and community contact.  Some are very specific to the particular business or community group, some impact on the wider community.   In 2012, the initial plans presented by Cheshire West and Chester Council for the bridge renovation produced a considerable amount of anxiety.  The Foundation worked with the business community and CWaC to find an alternative solution that was less disruptive to the town.  In August 2012 Frodsham Foundation provided CWaC with details of a temporary bridge proposal, with plans, photographs and contacts.  The temporary bridge proposal gained enormous support from the Frodsham community and, at a public meeting in September where the business community stressed the importance of the temporary bridge, CWaC agreed to consider and cost the proposal. To improve communications and trust, the Foundation then chaired two progress meetings between local business representatives, CWaC and its partners.
The cost of general business and community relations to Frodsham Foundation for the year ending 30 September 2013 was £5,447.18.  This figure also includes the procurement and trades identification work, web portal and Move to Frodsham initiative.

General administration of Frodsham Foundation for the year ending 30 September 2013 was £1,325.67.  This figure includes directors and officers insurance, Companies House fees, administrative time, telephone, broadband, printing and postage.




Frodsham Town Council grant

CWaC grant

Government grant

Other grants

Operating income




Contractor Fees (2 contractors) and salary including HMRC costs for 14 months

Bee Festival expenditure including marquees, security, first aid, generator, stage, It’s a Knockout, Castle Park Fees, publicity and newspaper

Christmas 2012 expenditure

Christmas 2013 liabilities and expenditure

General publicity expenditure

Goods Shed publicity and open day expenditure

Wedding events publicity inc Guide, goody bags, balloons, posters, flyers and banners

Accountancy fees

Administration expenditure including Companies House fees, insurance, travel, parking, sustenance, phone, broadband and postage



Profit on ordinary activity