Thursday, 2 October 2014

A56 Road Works - the latest

There have been extensive discussions today between CWaC, UU and Amey over the A56 sewer pipe repair works.

The repair works are an emergency as sewer contents have been backing up into homes.  UU advise that the pipes are partially blocked with fat.  The sewer pipe works are 4m down - this depth brings its own difficulties and dangers.

UU and Amey are to extend the hours they work - and are aiming to have the work completed by Sunday evening if no further problems are found.  An additional crew is being brought on to the job.

The traffic lights are under manual control from 7am to 7pm - with the hope and expectation that human operation will maximise traffic flow and minimise delays - although delays must still be expected until Sunday.

CWaC Highway Inspectors will be in attendance on each day to check progress.