Friday, 26 September 2014

Celebrating Frodsham's wonderful community

Following a change in the law that allows small councils like Frodsham Town Council to grant local honours, such as making an individual an honorary freeman or woman of the town, Frodsham Town Council is actively considering making its first grant.  More of this in due course.  The granting of the 'Freedom' of a place is a very special award to be granted very sparingly.

Following discussions earlier this week I am going to suggest to FTC at the October meeting that the council should also consider recognising the contribution of many of our unsung local heroes.  I think we should celebrate those wonderful people who for years, and often without thanks, have served our community wonderfully well and selflessly.  Frodsham would be a poorer place without them and their efforts.  So shouldn't we as a community make a little bit of a fuss of them and say 'thank-you'?  I think so.

Incidentally the Town Council has resolved that it will have a commemorative badge struck to celebrate the grant of the Freedom of Frodsham.   The badge will be awarded to the recipient of the honour. The indicative design is shown below.  It is based on the town's bee -which itself comes from  the memorial to the Rev Cotton at St Laurence church.

The Town Council is also taking this opportunity to catch up with what other Towns and Boroughs do in offering its outgoing civic representatives a badge commemorating their service.  Not only is this the right thing to do - it also helps bolster our civics and assists in promoting Frodsham elsewhere.  Those badges are of a similar design to the Freedom badge - but have different coloured outer circles and a different label on the bar - depending on what role is being commemorated.

These commemorative civic badges won't cost the council tax payer anything.  This is unlike other Towns and Boroughs who give their commemorative badges out free of charge.  Frodsham Town Council won't be issuing any badge to any outgoing civic representative unless they pay for them!  This is something I absolutely insisted upon and was glad that all the other councillors agreed with me.  I'm also delighted to report that the badges were designed free-of-charge.  You can do the right thing, you can bolster the civics - without burdening the tax payer!