Sunday, 6 July 2014

Downhill Run and Festival in the Park

Wow what a fantastic 6th July in Frodsham.  You can forget the Tour de France, the British Grand Prix and the Men's final at Wimbledon.  Today was one of those fantastic days in Frodsham when we celebrate being a wonderful, vibrant, inclusive community.

A huge thank you to Rotary, Roundtable, the Community Association and the army of volunteers who turned out to make the Downhill Run and the Festival in the Park such a fantastic occasion.  I very much appreciate the hard work put in by many people without which we wouldn't have had such a wonderful day.  Thanks also to the CWaC officers for their hard work behind the scenes and for manning one of the many stalls.

I also have to say thank you to my daughter Sarah who took many, many photographs - some of which I've posted here.  If anyone wants a higher resolution copy of any of these images, or if you want me to look to see if Sarah captured you or your family on the downhill run just be in touch and I'll see what I've got.  I have around 50 of them!

It was wonderful to see so many parents running with their youngsters.  I'm personally very grateful that they do - it is the only way I have a chance of finishing in the top half!

Now for the second year running I won the particular challenge I set myself - beating Graham Evans MP to the finish line.  I breezed passed him at the Ring O'Bells.  I keep the bragging rights for another year!  Incidentally Graham and I are exactly the same age - we are the twins that never were!

For data protection reasons I've limited the size of the 'family photos' and the numbers I've reproduced here.

Chris Larkin was the first one home
The downhill run's appeal is that it is for most of us a family fun run.

I'd love to say 'accelerating' at the Ringers - but that wouldn't be true!

Graham Evans MP and son 

still smiling at the finish.
Cllr Sarah Wakefield and fiancee Greg with Graham Evans MP and his son. I'm in the middle!  Ironically we're lined up in the order we finished!


Mayor of Frodsham Cllr Allen Wales presents

Just before the shower!