Friday, 4 July 2014

Comprehensive Victory for Conservative Candidate Caroline Ashton

Today was the by-election for Frodsham Town Council's South ward.

The result declared earlier this evening was:

Caroline Ashton  Conservative   229 votes         59.3%
Ryan Edgehill                              116 votes         30.1%
Tom Reynolds                               38 votes           9.8%

Spoilt papers                                   3 votes            0.8%

Total votes cast                            386 votes

There was a 22% turnout.  Caroline Ashton secured 59.3% of the votes cast in an overwhelming endorsement of her positive, no-nonsense manifesto.

I am really looking forward to working with Caroline.  Her straight forward, candid approach will be a tremendous asset for Frodsham.

This seat was last contested in a by-election in 2011 when Carol Davis (Conservative) was elected with 183 votes to Geoff Bath's 132 votes.

Caroline Ashton's election has increased the number of votes cast and the proportion of victory for the Conservative Party.  Absolutely fantastic!