Saturday, 14 June 2014

Summer sun shine

One of the first books I read my children was a Postman Pat book that started: 'It was a lovely sunny day and...' As is the way of things the repetition of reading the book to the 3 of them has meant that it is seared in my mind - if not in theirs.  So I can't do anything in sunny weather without thinking of Postman Pat.

I've been out a lot today - this morning out making a number of deliveries - now that really does make you think of Postman Pat.

Much more enjoyable was the invitation from 4th Frodsham to their open day.  It was great to see Ron, Fiona and their colleagues fundraising to send some of their youngsters to Japan as well as celebrating their new tents (partly funded by Lynn and my CWaC Member community grant funds as voted by for by other community groups and the wider community.)   It was also a great opportunity for Caroline Ashton our candidate for the Frodsham South to be out meeting people too.

Later in the afternoon Lynn and I called in at the Warburtons Farms open day.  It would be great if we could all do more to support our local business.  Just think how few food miles their are between our local farms and our dinner plates.  Makes you think!