Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Frodsham Governance Review

Well it looks like we've cleared the penultimate stage on CWaC's Governance Review of Frodsham.  Tonight the Community Governance Review Committee approved the final recommendations to be made to CWaC's full council meeting in July.

There's been extensive consultation - and the final recommendations propose that Frodsham's boundaries be extended:

  • to the east to take in the land between the River Weaver and the Weaver Navigation - moving the boundary from the stone bridge to the swing bridge; and
  • to the south to take in Kingsley Green and Lady Heyes.
You can see the new proposed boundaries below.

For town council elections Frodsham is divided into 4 wards.  The boundaries of those wards have been tweaked with a view to equalising the number of electors per ward.  With effect from the next election each ward will elect 4 Councillors.  At present North and South elect 4, East 5 and West 3.

CWaC's Governance Review Committee agreed unanimously that the ward names will also change.  

There has been a strong consensus throughout the consultation process that we ought to be able to do better than names reflecting a compass point.  When FTC considered this issue in February 2014 the majority of its members wanted:

River - instead of North;
Lakes - instead of East;
Park - instead of West; and,
Caves - instead of South.

Personally I didn't agree with those suggestions - I voted against them at that meeting and had proposed names with stronger geographical connections.

At FTC's meeting last night there was a different consensus - one that sought not to have names like 'Caves' adopted.  FTC contacted CWaC to request that there was a rethink over the new names.  FTC would have been happy to continue with 'compass points.'

At CWaC's Governance Review tonight there was unanimity that we could do better than compass points and that more geographical names be adopted.  After a short discussion there was agreement on:
  • Waterside for what is now largely Frodsham North - the greater part of this ward's boundaries are made up of the Mersey, Hoopool Gutter and the Weaver Navigation.  The ward also contains stretches of the Ship Canal, the river Weaver and all of Frodsham Marshes;
  • Lakes for what is now largely Frodsham East - reflecting the fact that the 'Lakes Estate' makes up the lion share of this ward;
  • Castle Park for what is now largely West ward.  Castle Park is the dominating feature in this ward; and finally
  • Overton and Five Crosses for what is now largely Frodsham South.
The final stage in this process is likely to take place at CWaC's July meeting.  Assuming these recommendations are approved a legal order will be made bringing these changes into effect from election day in May 2015.