Monday, 30 June 2014

Remembering the fallen from World War I

I was very touched to receive a copy St Laurence's booklet on Frodsham's fallen from World War I this morning and have just spent a very reflective half hour reading it.  

The booklet provides interesting family details and a link to our recent Frodsham forebears.

What struck me was the familiarity of the names, the ordinary nature of their  jobs and recognising the addresses where they lived.  

We are all far closer to this conflict and its devastating consequences they we perhaps realise. 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Townfield Lane Allotments open day

A big thank you to the Townfield Lane Allotments Society for inviting Cllr Lynn Riley and me to their open day. I enjoyed it so much I attended twice - the second time bringing my wife and wearing a fleece. 

The weather wasn't kind. Poetically it was 'soft refreshing rain' in reality is was cold and wet. However the rain didn't dampen the warm welcome. The WW1 theme, bunting and exhibitions were superb. We can be very proud of this colony of allotments and what the growers are trying to achieve.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

How great thou art! The Royal British Legion's WW1 commemoration concert

Frodsham Community Centre was packed last night for the Royal British Legion, Frodsham Branch's first World War 1 Commemoration Concert.  I say first, because given how successful it was our local branch of the legion now have the confidence to organise another one.

Frodsham Silver Band, the Highfield Male Voice Choir were joined by youngsters from Frodsham CofE Primary School (Overton) for a musical evening.  There was much audience participation - and even a cameo role for our MP Graham Evans who joined a choral group who led the audience through WW1 era songs.

The Community Centre Hall was laid out with the audience sitting at tables - which allowed us to have a drink and a bite to eat as the concert progressed.  I thought that was an excellent idea as it encouraged the informal, fun atmosphere that was tinged with suitable sombre moments of commemoration.

The evening concluded with a rousing chorus of Land of Hope and Glory with the youngsters waving England flags - almost certainly a sensible re-use of left over World Cup paraphernalia!

A fantastic evening.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Super fast Broadband in Frodsham

This will be a momentous week in the Dawson household.  Our super fast broadband - boasting speeds of 40Mb per second arrives.  With 3 teenagers in the household all with on-line life styles - you can never have enough bandwith!  In fact thinking of all the devices we have personally and those connected to the house and the internet it is probably only the dog that doesn't have a need for wifi and an internet connection.  Although thinking about it I'm sure you could train the dog to activate a device connected to the internet demanding attention

The latest data from Connecting Cheshire shows the progress in rolling out super fast broadband in our Borough and closer to home in Frodsham.  We are fortunate in Frodsham that most of our town now has super fast broadband available - and most of the remaining areas should have it by the end of 2014.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Frodsham Governance Review

Well it looks like we've cleared the penultimate stage on CWaC's Governance Review of Frodsham.  Tonight the Community Governance Review Committee approved the final recommendations to be made to CWaC's full council meeting in July.

There's been extensive consultation - and the final recommendations propose that Frodsham's boundaries be extended:

  • to the east to take in the land between the River Weaver and the Weaver Navigation - moving the boundary from the stone bridge to the swing bridge; and
  • to the south to take in Kingsley Green and Lady Heyes.
You can see the new proposed boundaries below.

For town council elections Frodsham is divided into 4 wards.  The boundaries of those wards have been tweaked with a view to equalising the number of electors per ward.  With effect from the next election each ward will elect 4 Councillors.  At present North and South elect 4, East 5 and West 3.

CWaC's Governance Review Committee agreed unanimously that the ward names will also change.  

There has been a strong consensus throughout the consultation process that we ought to be able to do better than names reflecting a compass point.  When FTC considered this issue in February 2014 the majority of its members wanted:

River - instead of North;
Lakes - instead of East;
Park - instead of West; and,
Caves - instead of South.

Personally I didn't agree with those suggestions - I voted against them at that meeting and had proposed names with stronger geographical connections.

At FTC's meeting last night there was a different consensus - one that sought not to have names like 'Caves' adopted.  FTC contacted CWaC to request that there was a rethink over the new names.  FTC would have been happy to continue with 'compass points.'

At CWaC's Governance Review tonight there was unanimity that we could do better than compass points and that more geographical names be adopted.  After a short discussion there was agreement on:
  • Waterside for what is now largely Frodsham North - the greater part of this ward's boundaries are made up of the Mersey, Hoopool Gutter and the Weaver Navigation.  The ward also contains stretches of the Ship Canal, the river Weaver and all of Frodsham Marshes;
  • Lakes for what is now largely Frodsham East - reflecting the fact that the 'Lakes Estate' makes up the lion share of this ward;
  • Castle Park for what is now largely West ward.  Castle Park is the dominating feature in this ward; and finally
  • Overton and Five Crosses for what is now largely Frodsham South.
The final stage in this process is likely to take place at CWaC's July meeting.  Assuming these recommendations are approved a legal order will be made bringing these changes into effect from election day in May 2015.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Summer sun shine

One of the first books I read my children was a Postman Pat book that started: 'It was a lovely sunny day and...' As is the way of things the repetition of reading the book to the 3 of them has meant that it is seared in my mind - if not in theirs.  So I can't do anything in sunny weather without thinking of Postman Pat.

I've been out a lot today - this morning out making a number of deliveries - now that really does make you think of Postman Pat.

Much more enjoyable was the invitation from 4th Frodsham to their open day.  It was great to see Ron, Fiona and their colleagues fundraising to send some of their youngsters to Japan as well as celebrating their new tents (partly funded by Lynn and my CWaC Member community grant funds as voted by for by other community groups and the wider community.)   It was also a great opportunity for Caroline Ashton our candidate for the Frodsham South to be out meeting people too.

Later in the afternoon Lynn and I called in at the Warburtons Farms open day.  It would be great if we could all do more to support our local business.  Just think how few food miles their are between our local farms and our dinner plates.  Makes you think!