Sunday, 18 May 2014

Manor House School's Frodsham Show

Its been a glorious day today - an ideal day for Manor House School's Frodsham Show.  It was wonderful to see so many people enjoy themselves at the school and especially to see so many people who weren't directly connected to it either such was the draw of the event.  A big thanks and 'congratulations' to all at the Manor House PTA for putting on a great show.

I think it was also a great idea to get our local MP Graham Evans to open the show and to have local businesses in the shape of Taylor's Opticians and our Barclays Bank team sponsor the event.
Saying thank- you to Victoria from Taylor's Opticians

The show had everything you'd expect - lots of competitions, stalls, food and fun.  
I was asked to judge the Junk sculptures.

  It was fun to watch our own 'Master Baker' Rob Crowther judge the bread and cakes competition.  I've never seen bread and cakes cut with such precision and tasted by an expert before!

As some of you may know Alan Carter had set me up for a dunking.  I was delighted to see the head teacher Mr Devereux-Roberts was dunked first.  It was wonderful seeing so many youngsters eager to soak him!  That's the sort of head I would have liked to have had!

I was also pleased that when it came to drawing the crowds to pay £1 for the chance of dunking it was the head that drew bigger crowds than me!

It was a hot day - but the water was cold.

Graham Evans MP, Alan Carter - and me, soaked!

My dear colleague Cllr Lynn Riley enjoyed soaking me!  I'll get my revenge one day!