Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ninth defibrillator for Frodsham

Lynn and I had great pleasure in presenting Frodsham's 9th community public access defibrillator to Forrest Hills hotel last week.  This defibrillator along with the 8 others machines are on the North West Ambulance database of defibrillators - so don't be surprised if when you phone 999 after someone has collapsed if you get directed to get someone to run to Forrest Hills or one of the other locations to get the defibrillator.

Mike Cooper - Forrest Hills Lesiure Centre Manager recently helped a leisure centre user who collapsed on the treadmill.  He did a great job doing CPR without a defibrillator.  The chances of survival with just CPR are quite low - so he really did a fantastic job.  However it certainly brought home the importance of having these vital devices in the community.  I know of two people who collapsed in Helsby who weren't so lucky.

The great thing about these modern defibrillators is that they are very simple to use and are effectively foolproof.  As soon as you open the case the defibrillator 'talks you through' what you have to do.  Don't worry about shocking someone who doesn't need it - the defibrillator will detect whether or not the patient needs the shock - and will only deliver the shock to someone who needs it!  Just listen to and follow the instructions.

If you'd like to be trained how to use one - do get in touch as we can organise training.  

We are also looking for people to be trained as First Responders - in other words someone who is living or working in or near Frodsham who would be able to respond to medical emergencies ahead of the paramedics. 

Typically our ambulances come from Ellesmere Port - that can be around 13 minuites from Frodsham - so having the ability in our own community to help people makes sense.  In the case of a heart attack the sooner some one is treated with defibrillator the better.  Minutes and seconds really do make a difference in terms of survival chances.

The public access defibrillators in Frodsham are at:
Forrest Hills (24 hour site)
Gates Garage (24 hour site)
Overton Stores (not available when Overton Stores is closed)
Leisure Centre (not available when Leisure Centre is closed)
Taylors Opticians (not available when Opticians is closed)
Manor House Primary School (when school is open)
St Luke's Primary School (when school is open)
Weaver Vale Primary School (when school is open)
Frodsham CofE (Overton Primary) School (when school is open)

Make sure you know where the defibrillators are - you never know when you may need them.

Photo:  Cllr Lynn Riley, Mike Cooper, Kieran McCabe, Cllr Andrew Dawson