Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Congratulations - Mayor elect Cllr Alan Wales

I'm delighted to announce that, last night Cllr Alan Wales was overwhelmingly elected to be the next Mayor of Frodsham, with Cllr Fran Sutton as Deputy Mayor.

As a Council, in early 2012, we chose to split the roles of Chairman and Mayor of the Council and adopted a convention to offer the Mayorship to the councillor who had served the longest either since last being elected, or since last being Mayor.

The roles of being Chairman and Mayor are very different.  The Chairman manages the council's business and as needs be drives the council forward.  The Mayor is our 'first citizen' and our civic representative.  As needs be he deputises for the Chairman.

By convention a Mayor serves for 12 months and then a new Mayor takes over.

The Chairman is elected to the role of Chairman at our Annual meeting to serve for the ensuing 12 months. He or she can continue to serve in that role for as long as he or she commands the majority support of the councillors.