Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frodsham Consultation

If you are reading this blog and you are a Frodsham resident I do hope you either have, or are about to respond to the Frodsham Consultation.  This is largest consultation ever attempted in Frodsham, and it is the mot comprehensive survey attempted by any Town or Parish Council in the Borough.

Several of us hit the road last week to deliver our share of the 3,500 envelopes to each household in Frodsham.  I checked this morning - the last few deliveries are being made today and tomorrow - so if you haven't had your consultation papers by Friday do please phone the Town Council on 01928 735150 and request that one be delivered to you.

The Consultation is being jointly funded by Cllr Lynn Riley and me from our CWaC Members' Grants and by FTC.  The Town Council is responsible for the logistics with some help from Kate Dodgson of the Foundation.  If you want you can fill the survey in on-line - the link to survey monkey is included in the papers.  The data crunching will be done independently and, if you've used survey monkey automatically.

If you are going to fill in the consultation do please include both your postcode and your unique reference number - we need that information to make sure we keep the replies honest.

The Consultation - or more particularly the replies to the Consultation are very important for lots of reasons.  The Consultation gives Frodsham residents there opportunity to have their say on many of the issues that irk each and everyone of us from:

  • Car Parking - and how we manage it;
  • The road layout at the Swing Bridge - how should it be configured after the refurbishment is completed?
  • Road crossings - do we need them, and if so where;
  • Speed limits and speed limit enforcement - do you want more or less...?
  • Play areas - should we improve the FTC owned ones - and if we do how do we pay for it?
  • Leisure more generally - what are the priorities..
The replies will also help shape our first attempt at a neighbourhood plan and will also give feedback to the police, the health service and the market.

This afternoon an old lady I've known through council work phoned me up and thanked me for caring enough about Frodsham to have organised the consultation.  She then went on to say she was too frail to write a reply but she wanted me to pass on her comments.  So here they are:

She sees having a Swimming Baths as a priority for us;
She thinks first aid is important and she wants school children taught more about it;
She thinks the market is wonderful and wants to see it continue
She wants the playgrounds improving and
She wants the police to tackle the low level anti-social behaviour she witnesses near her home

So far we have received 281 physical consultation responses.  That is a return rate of 8% - and it is still early days.  This figure doesn't take account of the number of people sharing the response, nor does it include the responses made on-line - so it is more than possible that we are already over 10%.

Marketing companies will tell you that a mass marketing exercise with a 1% return rate has done well. National opinion poll surveys are often performed with somewhere between 1,000- 1,500 people questioned... so however you look at it, and whatever the responses actually are it looks like the consultation exercise has been a success.