Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CWaC Council tax freeze this year, and next

Last night we set the Council Tax for CWaC.  It has been frozen.  There will be no increase from CWaC this year, and we have budgeted for no increase next year either.

The council tax we all pay in Frodsham is made up of 5 elements.  They are:

CWaC Council
CWaC Special Expenses
Town or Parish Council
Police and Crime Commissioner
Fire and Rescue Authority

The special expenses relate to the services CWaC provides in some parts of the Borough that are provided by Town and Parish Councils in other parts.  There are no special expenses in Frodsham.

So the position this year in Frodsham for a Band D council tax payer is as follows:

Precepting authority               2013-14                2014-15             Change £       Change%
CWaC Council                        £1267.57               £1267.57                 0.00               0.00
CWaC Special Expenses               -                             -                      0.00               0.00
Frodsham Town Council             £38.47                   £38.47                0.00               0.00
Police & Crime Commissioner £153.21                  £153.21                0.00               0.00
Fire and Rescue Authority           £67.75                    £69.09                1.34               1.98
Totals                                    £1,527.00               £1,528.34                1.34               0.09%

The change which is less than 1/10th of 1 percent - which is all down to the Fire and Rescue Authority will amount to less than 2.6p per week for a Band D council tax payer.

I always think it is useful to compare what a Frodsham Tax Payer pays compared with other parts of the Borough.  The variables here are the CWaC Special Expenses and the council tax set by the Town or Parish Council.  The size of the parishes and the ambitions of their respective parish or town councils varies enormously.

Comparing Frodsham with the other parished towns in CWaC:

Northwich         £1,572.60          £44.26 more than Frodsham
Winsford           £1,530.76            £2.42 more than Frodsham
Neston              £1,536.44            £8.10 more than Frodsham
Frodsham         £1,528.34

Yet again Frodsham is the lowest council taxed parished town in the Borough.

What about some of our larger non-town neighbours:

Elton                £1,532.77          £4.43 more than Frodsham
Helsby             £1,533.25          £4.91 more than Frodsham

When looking down the table of the council tax charged in the various towns and parishes in the Borough Frodsham lies 21st.  I well remember from the old Vale Royal days when Frodsham vied with Northwich for being the most expensive!  Incidentally there are around 97 town and parish councils, charter trustee areas etc.  Most parish councils - especially in the rural areas are very small and do comparatively little.

The comparison with Chester City is interesting to - as they have many services - including the Lord Mayorality charged as a special expense.  They are unparished.  They pay £1,507.26 - £21.08 less than Frodsham.

Frodsham is unique in CWaC in offering £5 vouchers to the over 70s.  This effectively means that a household with one person over 70 receives a £5 discount on their council tax, or £10 if there are 2 people over 70.

Taking the example of a household with one person over 70 they effectively pay £1,523.34.  There are 27 Town and Parish councils that charge their residents more than that in the Borough.

So if you have a couple over 70 - their effective council tax rate is £1,518.34  There are 39 Town and Parish councils that charge their residents more than that in the Borough.