Saturday, 8 February 2014

Swing Bridge open day

A big thank you to the Canal and River Trust for hosting an open day at the Swing Bridge.  Engineer Sally Body did an excellent job today - hosting the tours and explaining both how the bridge works and how well the restoration and renovation works are going.

The £4.5million scheme being funded by the Government, CWaC and the Canal and River Trust and is on schedule to finish in the autumn.

Here are some interesting photographs!

Cllr Lynn Riley dressing for the weather!
Sally Body explaining.

It was very wet and very cold

A model of the bridge showing how it pivots.  The mass of the bridge is supported on rollers and by a column of water

inside the control room - refurbished by a local company

megaphone in the control room 
The original steel work is in good 'sharp' condition in many places 
can you see where they've got up to! - the new paint will last for at least 15 years before needing 'touching up.'