Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Frodsham Governance Review - Re-warding Frodsham

CWaC is looking at all the parishes in the Borough at the moment and verifying that the boundaries and electoral arrangements remain up to date.

This plan shows Frodsham's existing boundaries - the black line edged in red.  The present recommendations of the Governance Review Committee is for the land edged with the royal blue line to be joined with Frodsham.  To the south this means the boundary extending along Kingsley Road to Lady Heyes.  To the east this means moving the boundary to the swing bridge.

The discussions regarding this process are continuing.

The Governance Review committee has also decided that Frodsham's Town Council's existing wards need to be reviewed.  Over time and through development they had become unfair.  The proposal is for Frodsham to have 4 wards each electing 4 Councillors to the Town Council rather than the current arrangement where East has 5 Councillors, West 3 and North and South 4 each.

The proposal discussed and agreed by FTC last night was to attempt to equalise the size of each ward to 1848 electors +/- 10%.  In fact the proposed arrangements get us much closer than +/-10%.

In summary the proposed changes are that North ward retreats behind Bridge Lane - with those houses being transferred to East ward.  North also retreats behind High Street with those properties (Salmon coloured) being transferred to West.  This means Blue Hatch, London Road, Withy Close etc all move into West.   If the transfer of the land between the Weaver and Weaver Navigation occurs North ward will take in that land and the properties on Mill Lane.

East Ward transfers The Willows (pink) into West ward and sees its boundary with South redrawn down Bradley Lane - with everything on the south side being transferred to South Ward (yellow).

South takes in the additional properties along Kingsley Road.

The final adjustment is for Castle Park, Netherton Drive and the few park homes etc along the A56 transferring from South ward into West (grey). The boundary between South and West is the Castle Park boundary - leaving Howey Lane properties in South.

There was some discussion at FTC as to what the new ward names should be - there was consensus that we should move away from compass points.  I have to say I would have preferred historic names - but the suggestions that secured majority support were:

North becoming 'River ward';
South becoming 'Caves ward;'
East becoming 'Lakes ward;' and
West becoming 'Parks ward.

These changes whilst agreed by FTC have to receive CWaC's approval before they become effective.  The desire is to have the changes effected by the May 2015 parish council elections.