Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Christmas hasn't been cancelled

Its a line in one of my favourite episodes from the Ronnie Barker sitcom Porridge uttered by the irascible 'screw' Mr McKay that 'Christmas has been cancelled.'
Given some of the rumours flying around Frodsham you'd think Christmas 2014 had been cancelled - or the Christmas festival at least.

It hasn't been cancelled.

The festival costs around £15,000 to stage with additional support from CWaC officers and other partners from the private sector.  The direct grant support from CWaC is being reduced to around £1,250 - a contraction by around £1,250 from last year.  This is less than 10% of the funding.

Personally I think Frodsham can manage this modest reduction in many different ways - and in fact we are about to ask local residents which option they would prefer.

So if anyone tells you the festival is cancelled - tell them they are wrong!