Monday, 13 January 2014

Viridor Energy from Waste incinerator at INEOS commissioning works

I've just been told that the Viridor Energy from Waste plant at INEOS has  started its lengthy commissioning process.

According to the Viridor new letter we should expect in January and February 2014:

The lining of the boiler will be 'cured' by heating it to a high temperature.  Steam may be visible from the main stack;

Steam blowing of the plant and equipment will also start this month (13 Jan) - blowing out particles from the soon-to-be-commissioned pipe work.  Each 'blow' is noisy - it can sound like a rumble - and lasts around 15 minutes;

The first short train has tested the rail tracks, yard and cranes.  Rail head training operations are underway now.  A full length train is scheduled to arrive on 21 January 2014.  The first Refuse Derived Fuel will arrive on site in February 2014 with the intention that operations be ramped up to full capacity over 8 weeks.

Viridor have a 24 hour support line on 0800 975 3029 for anyone with concerns.