Thursday, 16 January 2014

Take a gritter for a walk!

Many thanks to the lads at Castle Park for their gritter-assembly skills - we now have 4 hand propelled gritters in Frodsham for community use as and when and if we get frosty and showy conditions this year.

The idea is that any member of the community can borrow one of these hand propelled gritters and take it for a walk spreading grit on the roads and pavements that wouldn't otherwise be gritted by CWaC.  Don't forget anyone who wants grit in Frodsham to spread on the local roads and pavements can simply as Frodsham Town Council - just phone the Town Clerk on 01928 735150 and ask to go on the list.

So ... you could have bags of grit at home - borrow the girtter, fill it up at home, take it for a walk   - and then take it back to where you borrowed it from.  To quote a well known advert 'simples!'

Cllr Lynn Riley and I have provided these gritters out of our 'Member's Grant' monies.

The 4 we have at the moment are at:

Overton Stores;
Top Shop on Langdale Way;
Churchfields with one of the local families; and
Leisure Centre

We had planned to put one of the gritters around Ship Street/ Ashton Drive - however we are still looking for a volunteer to house it!  So if you have an idea or want to volunteer please be in touch.

Over the last few years I have made sure that each of our primary schools has a gritter and even Helsby High School with its formally notorious frozen 'bus park' now has no excuse if the weather gets 'nippy.'

Not for the first time we are leading the charge and innovation in Frodsham.  As far as I know we are the only community that has grit delivered to houses (as opposed to great big snow bags being dumped).  We are the only community I know that has hand-propelled gritters available for community use too.

Anyone who wants to keep their side road free from ice and snow can now help themselves and their neighbours with support from both CWaC and FTC and a little bit of personal initiative.