Friday, 31 January 2014

Latest on Eddisbury Square Car Parking

FTC has been asking questions of the agents who manage Eddisbury Square.This is their illuminating response:

'I regret that XXXXX are not able to offer comment on parking arrangements for users of the Town Centre more generally – clearly control and administration of any car parking control within the Town Centre is vested with the Local Authority and it is appropriate that members of the public enquire accordingly.

As to Eddisbury Square, the signage displayed on site is clear and confirm the status of the car park does not change ( ie. private land ) irrespective of the time.
For the avoidance of doubt I do not give consent for my contact details to be released in response to queries you may receive.'

If ever you wanted to see a reply that says to a local community:

  • we don't care what you think;
  • we won't engage with you or anyone else;
  • we are a law unto ourselves; and
  • we will try and deflect criticism onto the local authorities 
this is it.

You would have thought the agents would have sussed out that it is a good idea to work with the local community and the local authorities.  You'd also have though they'd have sussed out that it isn't a good idea to wind up the local community and turn them away from parking in Eddisbury Square with the implied threats of CCTV/automatic number plate recognition camera monitoring.  Business sentiment is still fragile - so doing things that puts people off isn't very clever.  I wonder whether this commercial agency has thought about this?

Incidentally I wonder what Sainsbury think about all this - I imagine they aren't very pleased.

That said when Sainsbury's open will we all be happy that there is space to park?  Is that the longer game that is being played out now?  How about the other tenants in Eddisbury Square - how is their trade faring since these parking restrictions were brought in?

I imagine it will be the tenants of the square that will have the greatest sway with the agents.  If they don't like what is happening - they are likely to be able to influence them far more than the rest of us.  No agent wants to see empty premises and voids - or the value of the premises declining.

This one is going to run on.