Monday, 27 January 2014

Eddisbury Square Car Parking - blame the managers of the Square

As you might expect my inbox has been full with comments and questions about the new car parking enforcement at Eddisbury Square.  I have been in contact with Fiona Edwards - the Head of Planning at Cheshire West and Chester Council - to see whether, and to what extent CWaC may have been involved in the new enforcement scheme.  This point was raised as car parking is an issue dealt with by a planning condition relating to the Sainsbury's development.

Fiona was very clear with me CWaC has had no involvement with the new enforcement arrangements.

Whilst the Sainsbury's scheme does have a planning condition relating to car parking - it is car parking behind the Square (in the service areas).  The developer has not yet submitted any scheme relating to that car parking for CWaC to consider.  CWaC are not involved in any way with what is presently going on.

Eddisbury Square, including the car parking area, is privately owned.

You do have to wonder how sensible such heavy handed and poorly advertised car parking enforcement is for those who are supposed to benefit.  Will the shops on the square see a loss of trade - or will the enforcement do the trick of freeing up short stay car parking spaces?

I'm underwhelmed by the lack of effective communication shown by the Square managers and their car parking managers.  They certainly know how to wind up a community.