Sunday, 15 September 2013

Part 5 - lies, damned lies and petitions - the Park Lane petition.

A petition has been signed with 202 signatures and delivered to FTC.  The statement the signatories were asked to sign was:

'We the undersigned strongly object to the Council selling off recreational land in Park Lane Frodsham.'

Now just how many of these 202 signatories knew:

  • the Park Lane site has been closed for several years;
  • that the closure of the Park Lane site was itself the subject of public consultation which included a letter drop to residents on Park Lane;
  • that the purpose of the sale of the land would be to reinvest in FTC's other play areas.
How many people would sign a petition saying:

'We the undersigned want FTC to renew and reinvest in play areas for the children of Frodsham.  We want them to do this in a cost effective manner and one that doesn't involve raising the council tax.'

How about a petition saying:

'We the undersigned want FTC to look at its land holdings and make sure they are all being used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the people of Frodsham.'

And then how about:

'We the undersigned expect anyone putting a petition before us to do so fairly and reasonably, after being honest and open about what is really intended.'

I hope, in due course that FTC will get the opportunity to debate this petition.  

Any councillor has the right to add an item to the FTC council agenda.  If the individual promoting the original petition doesn't do so I may have to ask it to be included on the next agenda.