Monday, 16 September 2013

Part 6 - Number crunching and democracy. Democracy is precious please use it.

These last few days have been very interesting in Frodsham.

We've had a contested by-election in west ward and a public meeting discussing the selling of a closed pay ground and the upgrading of another.  Both of these sites are in west ward too.

So just how much support did the individual candidates get in that by-election - just how stirred up were the 1100+ electorate?

Well only 13.8% of the electorate voted - and this was after FTC paid for polling cards to be sent out to all eligible voters.

The winning candidate Mike Pusey secured 51 votes, 8 more than Mike Duffy who was in second place. The other two candidates polled 32 and 30 votes respectively.  Doing the number crunching - Mike Pusey secured the votes from around 4.5% or the total electorate - or around 33% of the total votes cast. 

However one views the election it is pretty clear that the vast majority of the electors for whatever reason didn't bother to vote. 

A petition signed by 202 signatories has been presented to the council.  Assuming for the moment that all of these individuals come from Frodsham - that is a petition signed by around 2.1% of the total population.

There was a public meeting convened on Saturday to discuss Park Lane and Churchfields.  I don't know the actual numbers who attended - but it looked fewer than 80... That's right probably fewer than 1% of the population were there.  

The plans for Churchfields can be studied on-line.  Some 2,200 people have viewed the plans on line (around 24% of the population if they are all from Frodsham and separate users) - and the Facebook page already has 65 'likes' for the plans - probably the same as or more than the numbers expressing some opposition on Saturday -  that was before they had seen the latest plans.

Every single meeting of FTC is advertised around a week in advance.  The entire calendar of ordinary meetings is published in May each year.  These meetings are advertised in the time honoured way of being posted on the council's notice board by Lloyds Bank.  This is the same method that has been used for the last 50 years and more.  Anyone can call into the council's offices in Castle Park and ask to see the list.  

And for the 86% (source ONS) of the population who have access to the internet can find all of the information on line.  Typically we get no more than 2 or 3 people attending council meetings.

FTC takes a page in Frodsham Life every month to tell people about what is planned.

So please - if you are interested in anything, if you want to know anything, if you want to influence anything get involved.   Democracy is too precious and too important to be left to a handful of people.

If you care about Frodsham - if you have a view - make sure it gets heard.