Monday, 30 September 2013

Networking for Frodsham

For me one of the most important roles of a Councillor is to 'network' for your community.  You never know who you'll meet, or where you'll meet them - but there can often be opportunities to 'spread the word.'  The trick is, of course, to spot them and use them.

Yesterday was quite a day where I made loads of links - and I hope the community will be able to benefit from the networking and the opportunities that arise.

A-star sports - is a new business based in the Chester/North Wales area that brings good quality sport coaching to youngsters aged 2-10 in a whole range of indoor based sports.  Some Frodsham parents already take their children to their training and parties outside Frodsham.  A-star sports are looking for more venues in Frodsham.  (They've already used the Church Hall.)  I've already suggested the Guide Association Hall and the Youth Association Hall as possibilities and put A-star in touch with them. If anyone has any more ideas where they could put on events in and around Frodsham let me know - or email Gary Bassett (

Thrive - harnessing the power of gardening
Thrive is a charity that seeks to help disabled people build their skills and self-esteem through gardening.  I was very impressed talking to Alice Walters ( and seeing how gardening together can have real tangible benefits for individuals.  I hope to be able to encourage Thrive to bring their work to Frodsham - and perhaps work with Weaver Vale Housing Trust and possibly Transitions and Frodsham Foundation to make this a reality.

Country-side alliance - mobile phone coverage
We all know just how frustrating poor mobile phone coverage can be.  Well the Countryside Alliance want us all to do something about this.  It suggests we all download their app - go to here to find out more.  I searched for Frodsham on their data base and saw a dearth of data at the moment.  It is the Countryside Alliance's hope that their real data will encourage all mobile providers to up their game generally and especially in rural areas.

Frodsham Foundation
I chatted at length to organisers from Social Action about Frodsham Foundation.  They were really impressed with what we have done so far - and I was invited to add their name to the 'Social Action wall.'  I was really pleased and proud to be able to do this.  They were really impressed with the entrepreneurial and social enterprise approach being taken.

Aircraft noise and emissions
I had a long chat about Frodsham and Liverpool airport and learnt a lot about how industry is trying to make aircraft quieter and greener.  Sometimes being green makes aircraft less quiet than they could be.  This is a very interesting trade off - which industry is grappling with.  Operators are looking for greater fuel efficiency as the first priority.  I took the opportunity to spread the word about Halton Council dragging its feet over changes at Hale which, when implemented, would improve Liverpool Airport's safety rating and efficiencies in operation.

So where did all this interesting activity take place... at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester!