Thursday, 26 September 2013

Governance Review

The Governance Review Committee at CWaC looked at Frodsham Town Council's arrangements last night. They also considered the arrangements for our surrounding parishes.

Based on the extensive consultations carried out over the last year or so CWaC officers made recommendations to change Frodsham's boundaries and also to re-ward Frodsham.

The proposed boundary changes are:

To the East - move Frodsham's boundary out to the Swing Bridge (where most people think it is anyway).  This will make the Weaver Navigation our Eastern boundary as opposed to the River Weaver.  The landowners expressed the wish to be part of Frodsham.

To the South - the proposal is to bring Kingsley Park, Netherton Hall, Catton Hall, Catton Lodge and Lady Heyes all within the Frodsham boundary.  Those living in those areas had also suggested a stronger affinity with Frodsham than anywhere else.

Interestingly most of the businesses in the area prefer to present as if they are trading from Frodsham.

I have attempted to show the changes on this map - but please do not treat this as any form of official map - it isn't!

Everyone living in the areas where there are proposed boundary changes will be contacted by CWaC once more.
The proposed re-warding changes are:

To more closely equalise the number of voters to the number of councillors - and to remove the imbalance which at the moment dis-favours North ward.  New names for each of the wards are suggested replacing the existing north, south, east and west.  The new suggested names are:  Weaver (broadly North Ward); Lakes (broadly East Ward); Overton (broadly South ward) and Castle (broadly West ward).

There was some discussion as to whether some further tweaks are required to the re-warding - possibly to balance each ward up with 4 representatives.  At the moment East has 5 and West 3, with North and South having 4 each - this is proposed to continue at the moment.

Personally I would prefer slightly different names for the wards - and perhaps making more than 4 wards.

I suggest:

North: Newtown and Weaver;
South: Five Crosses and Overton;
East: Townfield and Lake;
West: Netherton and Castle

as names.

If you have any views on these changes please email Alison Armstrong of CWaC at