Thursday, 8 August 2013

Warm Zone

Everyone in Frodsham is going to receive a letter from North Staffordshire and Cheshire West Warm Zone offering help.

The text of the letter you'll receive is:

'We are writing to you as your details have been passed on to us by Cheshire West Council. We are currently funded to work in partnership to provide you with independent advice and assistance on increasing your income as you live in the rural wards of Cheshire West and Cheshire.

The aim of our project is to maximise household income and assess for any other money saving and energy efficiency measures available to you. This is a confidential and independent service, it is not operated directly by the council, we do not share your details with anyone outside of this independent advice service at warm zone.

Warm Zone is a community interest not for profit organisation – our aim is to tackle fuel poverty by a variety of measures for householders living in a warm zone area.

We are also able to provide information on the new Green Deal Assessments which are available to private householders to assess for major improvements such as insulation, heating systems and a variety of other energy saving solutions. From time to time the council offer incentives to take up assessments and sometimes measures to make your home warmer – we will keep you informed of any schemes if you register your interest with us.

In order to make a start it would be useful to know whether you are interested in our services and which of these you would like to get information on, please let us know by calling directly on the above number and we will provide some information for you.

North Staffordshire and Cheshire West Warm Zone generates around £1 million per year in benefit income for individuals and families locally. Many benefits go unclaimed so it is worthwhile getting a full benefit check to see if you’re eligible.'

Many thanks to Scottish Power for funding this initiative.