Friday, 9 August 2013

Swing Bridge update

We've had the TV camera on the Swing Bridge this morning. Both ITV and the BBC have been filming - so look out on the local news during today and this evening.  It looks like ITV will carry greater coverage.

They have been filming today as the temporary bridge structure which we all fought so hard to bring about is now spanning the Navigation.  I vividly remember the meeting I chaired in September at Forrest Hills where we made sure the Canals and Rivers Trust realised that single lane operation over the swing bridge was not a viable option.  That was the catalyst in getting the temporary bridge in!

The Canals and Rivers Trust have been taking some time lapse photography of the temporary bridge construction which will go live when it is finished.  The temporary bridge will be put fully in place this weekend and the road deck will then be constructed.  We anticipate that the temporary bridge will be open for traffic in early September!

It is likely that the works on the swing bridge (which have now started) will take around a year to complete.  The cost of the temporary bridge has come from savings made in the contract as a whole given that the main contractor will have exclusive access to the swing bridge to work on it.

The temporary bridge spanning the Navigation - the pedestrian walkway is on the south side of the bridge

BBC & ITV filming today
Work on blasting the original bridge has started
Cllrs Lynn Riley, Ralph Oultram and me!