Monday, 8 July 2013

Even the weather was smiling!

What a great weekend for us in Frodsham.

On Saturday we had the annual celebration of the Parliamentary train going round the Halton curve coupled with the 150th anniversary of the Ellesmere Port - Helsby Railway line.

Then on Sunday we had the Downhill Run and Rotary's Frodsham Festival and the weather was glorious.  This weekend really highlighted the skills and talents of Frodsham's army of community spirited volunteers that enrich all our lives and make Frodsham such a special place.  We never say thank you enough.  So Sue and her wonderful team at FCA - thanks for everything and the wonderful family event that is the downhill run.  And to all the gang at Rotary - another great show.  Please bring the same weather next year - and perhaps more food and drink.  Just imagine how full and beer and tea tent would have been!

I'm writing this blog on Monday.  I feel geriatric - my legs are stiff.  Perhaps I overdid Sunday.  I did the Liverpool-Chester bike ride - all 26 miles in just over 2 hours - faster than my 18 year old son!  Then the dash to Frodsham and the downhill run.  I gather I was 123rd in the downhill run - its my legs that feel 123 today!  Ah well no pain, no gain... and I beat our MP Graham Evans too!

I have loads of photographs of the downhill run (taken by my daughter Sarah) if you'd like copies - or you'd like me to see what I've got - just drop me an email to

smiling having cycled to Chester
still running - just!
On your marks

reminding Graham Evans MP that I got down the hill ahead of him

Mayor of Frodsham Sarah Wakefield opening the Festival